Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Card Collage

Have you been trying to decide what to do with all of those Christmas cards you received this year? Don't really want them but hate to throw them out? Here is a crafty way to put those cards to good use while giving your child the opportunity to create an artistic composition.
Have your child create a "Christmas Card Collage!" Guide your child through these few simple steps.
1. Gather up all of the Christmas cards you received this year.
2. Cut out their favorite parts of the cards (pictures, family signatures, holiday greetings, etc).
3. Glue them on to a piece of construction paper in collage style - this is a great time to explain the artistic elements of overlapping, balance, and symmetry.
4. Add color or glitter to spice up the collage.
5. Enjoy a piece of homemade art that will remind you of friends and family and put those old Christmas cards to good use!

Anyone else have any good ideas for Christmas cards? Please post a comment - I would love to hear your ideas!

1 comment:

  1. Not artsy, but St. Jude's Ranch takes old cards and reuses them to raise money for their programs.